Theatrical Technician, Technical Director, Designer, and Photographer

Cedar Crest

I graduated Cedar Crest College (Allentown, PA) in 2006 with a BA in Communications, a self designed concentration focused heavily in photography and video production, and Minors in Theatre and Speech.  While at Cedar Crest I held a work-study position for two years in the Scene Shop, which gave me experience in various aspects of technical theatre, from carpentry to electrics to sound to management.  I wound up liking the job so much that I decided I would rather pursue a career in theatre than a career in photography/ video production, although I have found my skills in those areas to be quite helpful in my professional life as well.  Below are portfolio pages from my various experiences at Cedar Crest College.

Blood Relations 1Blood Relations 2Blood Relations 3Blood Relations 4Blood Relations 5

The House of Bernarda AlbaThe House of Bernarda Alba Part2

NunsenseNunsense Part2

Master Electrician and Sound Designer

First Show ASM and AME

Onstage Experience

Cedar Crest is a small school, and therefore we are expected to do a little bit of everything. So, yes, at a few points I was onstage too!