Theatrical Technician, Technical Director, Designer, and Photographer


When life gives you…

Wow!  Has it been a ride these past few years!  I have had some awesome opportunities to design at local community theaters, have some new experience with visual mediums including pottery, glazing, and kilns, and am now in my third season working with the Virginia Arts Festival (as a Production Assistant, Event Lead, and Hospitality), and am also just starting with the Virginia Symphony Orchestra as their Artist Liaison.

Check out my new Art section for some of the things I have been doing recently, and there are also updates in Lighting Design, and a few shots I just unearthed in Photography!


Recent updates…

Thank you again for coming to visit my portfolio! I’ve just done some updates recently, specifically to the Technical Direction and Assistant Technical Direction pages. I have also added a Photography section which I will update as I take more pictures. So far I have not looked for any steady employment as a photographer, but if I am free I will not turn down an opportunity, so give me a call!

More to come!

Things have been a bit hectic since we finished up the 2009-10 season at VSC, and I moved immediately to Louisville, KY to be the Technical Director for the Kentucky Shakespeare Festival.  As soon as I can, I will try to get up photos from last season at VSC and what I have from this summer in KY.  In other exciting news, as well as the technical director, I was the official photographer for the Shakespeare festival this season, doing all of their photo calls and taking other press shots and such around the park.  This allowed me to play with an amazingly sweet camera!

Some of the better stuff will wind up on a photography page, which I will have to make now!

B.A. Ciccolella – Theatrical Technician

Thank you again for your interest in my portfolio.  As this site is currently very new, although I do have most of my pages up, I am still working out the bugs, and wrapping up the details, and all that jazz.  Please let me know if there is anything that is not working on this site, or anything you would like to see improved.