Theatrical Technician, Technical Director, Designer, and Photographer


All of my work up to now had been in digital photography (mostly for budgetary and spacial reasons, I don’t have the money or space for film and prints). However, I did get the opportunity this past Christmas to take a roll of film on a very old camera at my dad’s house, and he helped me develop it in his basement, where he has a tiny dark room.  He uses a negative scanner, so I did a little bit of color correcting (it was old film) and obviously the watermark afterwards digitally.   Here are some of the ones I like the best!


During the run of the Kentucky Shakespeare Festival I had the opportunity to take the official photo call photos.  Here are some of my favorite pictures from Kentucky Shakespeare Festival’s photo calls that didn’t make it into the Technical Direction section.


Along with the photo calls, I also took a few of the publicity shots.  The two shots immediately following are the original files of press photos in both color and black and white formats that were printed in various publications in the Louisville, KY area.  Unfortunately I was not able to retain any hard copies of the publications due to a small flood of rain during my last week there.

To see examples of the photographs I took for the production photo calls please refer to the Kentucky Shakespeare Festival section on the Technical Direction page.

And now, for your enjoyment- some unpublished photographs that I just happen to really like.  Starting with the anchor series:

When I was younger I was taught that the anchor is not only a helpful tool for sailors, but a symbol of hope.  This anchor that I found in a park in Norfolk really struck me (thankfully, not literally) as that symbol in all of its rusting glory.  Although the elements have tried their best, the anchor remains, and each weather mark is a sign of not only new beauty, but new strength found under each weakness.



















A series from a while back about moving towards the light:

And a few more that I felt really spoke to me.  I’ll stop “talking” your eyes off here, and let you make your own emotions.













Ah, yes, the anchor is back.  Still holding on to the ground, and the same meaning, but this time, in the cold.



I felt like this was a photo of something mysterious and magical.  Or possibly the door to Narnia.



And to wrap this up, a fire escape that would win the Dr. Seuss award!

Thank you for your interest in my other interest!